Wind Energy Map of Persian Gulf

Abstract Wind power is not only pollution-free and renewable but is becoming more economical with technology development. The countries around the Persian Gulf region are investing in wind power on […]

The Name Persian Gulf Throughout History

The Persian Gulf  is a body of water located in the Western part of Asia, surrounded by Iran to the North, Saudi Arabia to the South, the United Arab Emirates […]

List of islands in the Persian Gulf

The Persian Gulf is home to many islands, mostly small, distributed in the gulf’s entire geographic area and administered by the neighboring nations. Most islands are sparsely populated, with some being barren, and […]

An Overview of Persian Gulf Environmental Pollutions

By Majid Khazali and Lobat Taghavi Aquatic environments are among the most vulnerable habitats that affect all Organisms. The Persian Gulf is home to numerous plant and animal species, and the biological […]