Shipbuilding and New Technologies

Shipbuilding is the process of designing, constructing, and launching ships for various purposes such as commercial, military, or personal use. Shipbuilding involves a range of disciplines, including naval architecture, marine […]

Maritime Museum

A Maritime Museum is a museum that exhibits and preserves artifacts and exhibits related to maritime history and culture. This can include artifacts related to navigation, shipbuilding, seafaring, and maritime […]

Ship Recycling

Ship recycling, also known as ship-breaking, is the process of dismantling a ship for parts or the extraction of raw materials, chiefly scrap. As ships have a lifespan of 25 […]

Piracy at Sea

Piracy at sea refers to the act of attacking ships, boats, or seafaring vessels with the intent of stealing goods or valuables, taking hostages for ransom, or causing harm to […]

Ship Surveying

Marine/Ship surveying and quality assurance refer to the process of evaluating the condition of ships and marine structures to ensure they comply with safety, environmental, and other regulatory requirements. Marine […]

Ship Repair and Dry Docking

Ship repair and dry docking are essential maintenance procedures that help keep a ship operational and safe. Ship repair refers to the process of fixing any damages to the ship’s […]

Ship Maintenance

Marine maintenance systems for ships’ hull and machinery are essential to ensure the vessel’s safety, efficiency, and reliability. These systems help to minimize operational costs, extend the service life of […]

Marine Meteorology

Marine meteorology is the scientific study of the ocean-atmosphere system and the role of the atmosphere in shaping marine weather and climate. Marine meteorology is a critical field of study […]