International Load Line Convention for Ships

The International Load Line Convention establishes a universal system of load lines for ships, aiming to safeguard life at sea and protect marine environments by preventing overloading. This convention outlines […]

Man Overboard Drills on Ships

Man Overboard (MOB) drills are a cornerstone of maritime safety training, equipping seafarers with the skills and knowledge to efficiently respond to emergencies involving individuals falling overboard. Grounded in various […]

Ship Lifeboats: A Review According to IMO Conventions

The significance of ship lifeboats cannot be overstated in maritime safety. These critical components are regulated under the International Maritime Organization (IMO) conventions, primarily the International Convention for the Safety […]

Ship Auditing Under ISM Code

Introduction to ISM Code Auditing ISM Code auditing serves as an invaluable tool for improving maritime safety and environmental protection. By auditing a ship’s Safety Management System (SMS), professionals can […]

Ship Surveying by Classification Societies

Ship surveying is far more than just a perfunctory examination; it’s a meticulous evaluation aimed at gauging a vessel’s structural soundness, operational efficacy, and compliance with safety and environmental standards. […]

Port State Control Inspection on Ships

Port State Control (PSC) serves as a critical mechanism to ensure that foreign ships entering a port adhere to international conventions and protocols governing safety, security, and environmental standards. Its […]

Evolution of ISM Code

The International Safety Management (ISM) Code was enacted to address critical issues in the maritime industry regarding the safe management and operation of ships, as well as pollution prevention. Its […]

Introduction to Marine Environment for Seafarers

This article provides a comprehensive overview of the marine environment and is intended for maritime professionals, marine officers, students, and individuals interested in environmental issues related to ship pollution and […]