Introduction to Marine Environment for Seafarers

This article provides a comprehensive overview of the marine environment and is intended for maritime professionals, marine officers, students, and individuals interested in environmental issues related to ship pollution and […]

Top ten Incredible Ocean Phenomena

 Oceans are such vast and often overwhelming subjects. Because of their sheer scope in size, the discussions that are often had regarding seas and different discoveries within it, can be […]

Marine Environment Protection

Shipping – which transports about 90% of global trade – is, statistically, the least environmentally damaging mode of transport when its productive value is taken into consideration.  For example, the […]

Persian Gulf 

The Persian Gulf (Persian: خلیج فارس, romanized: xalij-e fârs, lit. ‘Gulf of Fars’, pronounced [xæliːdʒe fɒːɾs]), is a mediterranean sea in Western Asia. The body of water is an extension of the Indian Ocean located between Iran and the Arabian Peninsula.  It is connected to the Gulf of […]

Marine Science

Marine science or Aquatic science is the study of the various bodies of water that make up our planet, including oceanic and freshwater environments. In simple words, Marine Science is the study of […]