Sensors and IoT in the Shipping Industry

The application of sensor technologies is rapidly advancing, leading to technological and regulatory challenges. The development of low-cost computing elements will create opportunities for wireless sensor technology and new micro- and nanomechanical sensors, revolutionizing environmental monitoring and data collection. Automation of shipping is relatively straightforward in charting compared to traffic or aviation, with many ports relying on remote control or autonomous docking systems like SmartDock. Remote sensing will enable data to be collected autonomously through a network of sensors with specific characteristics, including self-calibration, fault tolerance, high transmission capabilities, wireless capabilities, environmentally friendly materials, robustness, ultra-low energy consumption, miniaturization, and the ability to provide active behavior and work on network modules. Equipment onboard will be able to monitor, manage, and control its status, warning operators when maintenance is required or circulating liquids are running low.

Operational drivers in the shipping industry will benefit from the early warning and optimization of operation and maintenance practices provided by sensor technology. Financially, the technology will extend the service life of equipment, improving financial performance and offering an affordable option for mainstream adoption. Improved data quality and connectivity will lead to significant improvements in smart ship, big data, and robotics. Information quality and cybersecurity are essential as shipping becomes more reliant on data management and networks, and there is potential for cyberattacks that could cause significant damage to systems and equipment. The use of sensors has the potential to improve the efficiency and safety of ships and auxiliary equipment and extend their lifecycle, requiring proper data transfer, storage, and analysis. With the integration of other technologies, sensors will become a powerful tool for the commercial shipping industry.
Source: Marine Digital


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