Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) on Ships

The Ship Aero Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) is a pivotal component in managing waste on board, ensuring that ships can treat sewage effectively while adhering to stringent international standards. This […]

Marine Steam Turbine on Ships

Marine steam turbines are one of the oldest types of propulsion engines used on ships, transforming thermal energy from steam into mechanical energy that moves the ship’s propeller. With the […]

Ship Auditing Under ISM Code

Introduction to ISM Code Auditing ISM Code auditing serves as an invaluable tool for improving maritime safety and environmental protection. By auditing a ship’s Safety Management System (SMS), professionals can […]

Ship Surveying by Classification Societies

Ship surveying is far more than just a perfunctory examination; it’s a meticulous evaluation aimed at gauging a vessel’s structural soundness, operational efficacy, and compliance with safety and environmental standards. […]

Port State Control Inspection on Ships

Port State Control (PSC) serves as a critical mechanism to ensure that foreign ships entering a port adhere to international conventions and protocols governing safety, security, and environmental standards. Its […]

Lab Analysis of Ship Bunker Fuel

Bunker fuel is the primary fuel used in the maritime industry to power ships. Given the international regulations and the environmental impacts associated with bunker fuels, it is vital to […]

Bilge Management Onboard Ships

Bilge water, which accumulates at the bottom of a ship, is a mixture of water, oil, and other contaminants. Effective bilge management is vital to safeguard the marine environment and […]