Understanding the ISPS Code: A Focus on Ports

In the wake of rising global security concerns, particularly those related to maritime activities, the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code stands as a pivotal framework established to […]

Genoa Green Port

The Port of Genoa, known as Porto di Genova in Italian, stands as a monumental gateway to the Mediterranean Sea. With deep historical roots that trace back to around 1000 […]

Driving AI Efficiency in the Cargo Supply Chain

Nexxiot is presenting its latest product at the Transport Logistic trade fair in Munich. Scope AI is a conversational interface into data from Nexxiot’s cargo sensors on locations, status, conditions […]

Introduction to Hydraulic Port Cranes

In this short course article, we will explore the world of hydraulic port cranes, a key component in maritime operations. We will cover the basic principles, main components, and operational […]

Marine Renewable Energy

Marine renewable energy refers to the generation of electricity from renewable sources located in or near bodies of water, including oceans, rivers, and lakes. Marine renewable energy sources include offshore […]

Revolution in Port Cargo Handling With 5G Solutions

PORT OF AVEIRO REVOLUTIONISES CARGO HANDLING WITH 5G SOLUTIONS FROM VODAFONE AND ERICSSON  Proof of concept in the port sector brings together Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence […]