DNV awards AiP for a floating ammonia production unit developed by SWITCH2 and BW Offshore

An industrial-scale concept for a floating production unit to produce green ammonia has secured Approval in Principle (AiP) from DNV, affirming the technical feasibility of the design. The project is now ready to start the Basic Design phase.

Artists impression of the NH3 FPSO concept – a floating ammonia production unit developed by SWITCH2 and BW Offshore

The so-called NH3 FPSO concept is being developed by Netherland-based SwitchH2 BV and Norway-based BW Offshore and will be built through conversion of an existing Very Large Crude Carrier (VLCC) or a dedicated newbuild vessel. Receiving power primarily from a wind farm, the unit will produce hydrogen by electrolysis of seawater and nitrogen through the use of an air separation unit, combining these in an ammonia synthesis unit.

The ammonia gas produced by the unit will be condensed, and the liquid ammonia will be stored in the hull in order to be subsequently offloaded to an ammonia carrier. The NH3 FPSO will be permanently moored but can be relocated as necessary through planned disconnect. The offloading will be done through a floating hose, reeled from the aft ship to the shuttle ammonia carrier midship manifold.

DNV’s Vice President, Business Development for Floating Production, Conn Fagan, says: “The AiP covers all aspects of the integrated vessel concept including structural integrity, mooring, ammonia production, ammonia storage and cargo handling.

“We are pleased to see such developments both with regard to use of renewable energy and as a contribution to emission reduction across many potential applications in different industry sectors.”

“We are delighted we have been awarded the AiP from DNV for our concept and we look forward to working with DNV in the next stages of the project,” says Bob Rietveldt, Member of the Management Board of SwitcH2.

“At BW Offshore, we leverage our offshore experience to support and expedite the energy transition by engineering next generation floating production solutions. Achieving this AiP is an important milestone and an encouraging step towards a cleaner energy mix,” says Fredrik Savio, SVP Project Development at BW Offshore.

Reference: DNV

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