Houthi Ships’ Attacks in the Red Sea: Not Stopping Gaza Genocide, but Exposed the West’s Moral Bankruptcy

During the recent Gaza war, the Houthi rebels, also known as Ansar Allah, have claimed responsibility for numerous attacks on commercial shipping vessels in the Red Sea. These attacks are framed as a form of solidarity with Gaza, in retaliation against Israel’s military actions. The Houthis have a significant control over the Red Sea coast, which has facilitated these maritime operations.

As of now, the Houthis have attacked at least 20 ships in the Red Sea, with several notable incidents involving vessels linked to various countries. Among these, two ships have been hijacked, with one still held along with its 25 crew members, while the other was released. The attacks have led to substantial disruptions in international trade, particularly affecting routes towards the Suez Canal.

These attacks have had a profound impact on global shipping, leading to increased costs and rerouted vessels to avoid the Red Sea, often opting for the longer route around the Cape of Good Hope. This situation has heightened geopolitical tensions and prompted military responses from the United States and the United Kingdom, who have targeted Houthi positions in Yemen to mitigate further threats to maritime security.

Here’s a non-exhaustive list of the attacks on ships claimed by the Houthis in the Red Sea during the Gaza genocide war:

Name of Ship Owner Place of Attack Final Situation
Galaxy Leader Greek Shipping Co. Near Suez Canal Hijacked, 25 crew members held
UK-owned Cargo Ship UK Shipping Co. Red Sea Sunk
Unity Explorer Unity Explorer, Ltd. Red Sea Damaged by missile
Number 9 Number 9 Shipping, Ltd. Red Sea Damaged by missile
Sophie II Kyowa Kisen Co., Ltd. Red Sea Damaged by missile
Strinda J. Ludwig Mowinckels Red Sea Damaged by missile and UAV
Ardmore Encounter Ardmore Shipping Red Sea Hijacking attempt, missile and UAV attack
Maersk Gibraltar Greater China Intermodal Red Sea Missile missed
Al Jasrah Hapag-Lloyd Red Sea Damaged by UAV
MSC Palatium III Mediterranean Shipping Co Red Sea Damaged and diverted
USS Carney US Navy Red Sea Intercepted 14 UAVs
Swan Atlantic Inventor Chemical Tankers Red Sea Damaged by missile and UAV
MSC Clara Mediterranean Shipping Co Red Sea Missile explosion nearby
USS Laboon US Navy Red Sea UAV attack
M/V Gibraltar Eagle Undisclosed Red Sea Damaged by missile
M/V Zografia Undisclosed Red Sea Damaged by missile
M/V Genco Picardy Undisclosed Red Sea Damaged by drone
M/V Chem Ranger Undisclosed Red Sea Damaged by missiles
M/V Ocean Jazz Undisclosed Red Sea Claimed attack, denied by US
M/V Maersk Detroit Undisclosed Red Sea Missiles intercepted
M/V Marlin Luanda Undisclosed Red Sea Damaged by missile, fire


a UK-owned cargo ship hit by Yemen’s Houthis, sinks in the Red Sea

The Houthis have conducted more than 40 attacks on various ships, impacting global trade and raising geopolitical tensions in the region. These attacks have targeted vessels flagged or owned by multiple countries, using missiles, drones, and hijacking attempts. The international response has included military strikes and heightened naval patrols to safeguard maritime routes.

For more details, you can refer to sources such as Al Jazeera (Al Jazeera Interactive)​, Wikipedia (Wikipedia)​, The Iran Primer (The Iran Primer)​, and Military Times (Military Times)​.


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